Lean Six Sigma


In this day and age, it is not surprising that cost-cutting is on the agenda, requiring better, faster and more customer-oriented processes. Forced by time pressure, organisations solve surface bottlenecks ad hoc. There is hardly any room to tackle underlying causes and improve them structurally. As a result, most processes remain inefficient and complex.

We recognise these issues. We believe and know that things can be done differently. We teach organisations with the powerful Lean Six Sigma philosophy and methodology to look at the 'how' and 'why' in addition to the content of the processes. We provide insight into 'hidden factory' and help your employees speed up lead times, eliminate error opportunities or reduce waste. We also make your organisation self-reliant, so that you yourself are able to solve bottlenecks sustainably and keep improving.

Our distinctiveness lies in offering training courses that have a mix of working methods ranging from practical exercises, games, peer review, coaching to directly applicable pieces of theory. Our trainers, coaches and supervisors are themselves consultants and qualified LSS specialists with at least Black Belt level. They are subject specialists who can link theory and practice. This ensures good theoretical baggage combined with interesting cases, fascinating practical experiences and instructive discussions.

Lean Six Sigma Training offerings:

"Experience" and "learning" come together through an optimal combination of working methods such as coaching, process interventions, action-oriented learning, cases, practical simulations and relevant theory. Tailored to your situation and requirements, so that it is recognisable for the course participants. Using the DMAIC methodology (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control), we teach project leaders to apply LSS to organisational change processes.

Project and programme managers gain insight into change processes and learn to successfully change complex processes using methods such as Lean, Kaizen and DMAIC. Besides theory, there is also plenty of time for management skills and change management skills. The Black Belt learns to create support, facilitate workshops and supervise brainstorming sessions.

In the upgrade, participants deepen and increase their Green Belt knowledge and experience to Black Belt level using the DMAIC methodology. Prerequisite for participation is knowledge of LSS at Green Belt level.

Training is provided in parallel with the execution of a practical project, with each belt working on its own project, or working with other belts on a project. We supervise the belts at strategic, tactical and operational level. Training and practice go hand in hand.

After completing the projects, participants can go up for the Lean Expert, Green Belt or Black Belt practical exam. The training will take place with a minimum participation of 8 participants. A maximum of 16 participants can join each training course. Admission is in order of registration. All training courses can be completed with a theoretical exam.


* For attending the Upgrade Training from Green to Black Belt, consultation of a Green Belt certificate and a personal intake are required.

These listed costs include:

  • Digital training materials consisting of slides, articles and exercises.
  • Facilities needed to follow the training, including if necessary a shared loan laptop with Minitab during training days
  • The exam in question, conducted by Improven BV
  • Lunch costs

The cost of the training does not include:

  • Minitab licence, if any
  • Any coaching hours during the execution of Black Belt projects