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Organisations are constantly evolving to keep meeting customer needs, staying ahead of the competition, responding to innovations or changing laws and regulations. If change is the only constant, why do so many organisational changes fail to succeed?

Change often focuses on an organisation's processes and products and less on culture and employee behaviour. It reduces the chances of success if there is no willingness is to change, because employees have the urgency not feeling, too little commitment is from the organisation or too little attention has been for creating support.

Change occurs in all the projects we do, whether it is a system selection, process optimisation or an implementation of strategic risk management. We believe that success lies in a planned yet flexible approach where there is room for learning and improvement as well as attention to behavioural change.

Hard & soft

Pragmatic Change Management brings together methodologies in the field of project management and behavioural change. This makes it an enrichment of our own Pragmatic Project Management methodology. The framework consists of two streams: the 'hard' upper stream focused on project activities, the 'soft' lower stream focused on behavioural change. The systematic, project-based approach provides structure and clarity. Working cyclically allows you to respond to a changing environment. Bringing together the project-based and soft human side greatly increases the success rate of your projects. This also makes the model applicable in different types of organisations and projects.

Toolkit for change

Improven's consultants have a comprehensive Toolkit and Implementation Book, with further explanations on the applicability of the Pragmatic Change Management Framework including interventions and templates.

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