Young Talent

Young Improven: Digital talent at your fingertips

Youth has the future. Perhaps an open door, but also an old wisdom that has more validity at the moment than ever. After all, with today's digital revolutions in full swing, young professionals are desperately needed. With that idea in mind, we started Young Improven. A breeding ground for young consultants where new talent gets the chance to develop and prove themselves. They have the energy, creativity and digital know-how that organisations desperately need.

New momentum

Looking for the optimal mix in your workforce? Experience combined with new élan? Do you want to quickly keep up with the digital revolutions your organisation is also facing? Then you desperately need young professionals. They feel like a fish out of water in the dynamic digital world. As a result, they work smartly, creatively and often offer ground-breaking new solutions. For example, they are perfectly employable as:

  • PMO
  • Process consultant
  • Business & Data Analyst
  • Finance & Reporting Specialist
  • Junior project manager
  • Innovation consultant

Deployable for Finance, IT and Risk management

To put this promising generation of young talent at your fingertips, there is now Young Improven. This is a fast-growing team of eager professionals who go through an intensive training programme at Improven for two years. All Young Improvers follow the valuable and above all fun programme where they attend various skills training and job-related courses in addition to developing basic Consulting skills. Under the guidance of our experienced consultants, they are now employable for your temporary projects and optimising your processes in IT, Finance and Risk.

Unique combination of talent, knowledge and empathy

Our 'Young Improvers' offer immediate added value from the moment you deploy them. Their unique combination of talent, energy, empathy and technical knowledge and skills makes them effective and a valuable enrichment for your workforce.

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