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2024 is the year of Digital HR Transformations

HR today has a crucial, connecting role within organisations. That is what Connected HR stands for. Whereas 10 years ago HR functions were still developing from supporting P&O body to HR Business Partner, in 2023 HR is expected to further develop from supporting, signalling and informing partner to strategic partner. A partner that helps the organisation respond agilely and flexibly to the inevitable digitalisation, hybrid working, agile way of working or, for example, virtual teams instead of the outdated silo approach. The role of HR has changed dramatically in recent years and will continue to evolve in the years to come. HR is and will remain an important pillar in the organisation, so there is a growing need to strengthen the connection between HR and other processes. Systems are an important connecting factor in this.

Besides the 'standard' HR tasks, such as determining and organising terms of employment or granting rewards and leave, topical themes are given a place on the HR agenda. Topics such as Total Talent Management, HR Data, (mental) health and happiness at work, HR efficiency with shortened lead times or hybrid working cannot be ignored in the HR function.

Human Resources therefore has the clean task of keeping track of all this and sometimes even taking the lead in this! This requires a well-oiled machine, in which the basis is in order, the 'standard' processes run smoothly, privacy laws and regulations are safeguarded and IT facilitates these movements. Because it is precisely then that the HR department is agile and there is room for necessary innovations to stay sharp in the market.

Improven accompanies organisations in these HR transformations, as project leader, as consultant, as product owner, business analyst or as outboard motor in operational execution.

Improven accompanies organisations in these HR transformations, as project leader, as consultant, as product owner, business analyst or as outboard motor in operational execution.

How do we address that?

  1. HR Digitisation Scan

    Using a pragmatic scan supplemented by interviews, we analyse the current status of digitisation of HR processes and underlying systems. Improven knows the current HR challenges and uses the HR Digitalisation Scan to map the extent to which important preconditions for the digital transition have been met. With our scan, we assess the facets of organisation, systems, people and processes.

  1. Agility index: The maturity of your HR-IT set-up

    The results of the digitisation scan are incorporated into a maturity model that we use to provide insight into the agility of the HR organisation. The index provides insight into the relationships of and dependencies between the current HR processes, how they are automated and embedded in the organisation and the maturity of the current HR IT landscape that supports these processes.

  2. Customised advice

    The maturity level shows where your organisation currently stands and what steps we can take together to take the HR function to the next level. You will receive a tailor-made advisory plan for your organisation to take the next steps towards an agile HR organisation.

    With our knowledge of various (HR) software packages, we look for the most suitable solution for the organisation within the budget and matching the wishes and ambitions. Together with you, we co-create a future-proof basis, in which risk management and AVG are integrated in the processes, and to which new and relevant innovations can be added and the agility of both HR and the organisation is increased.

Customers ask us for:

  • Package and vendor selections for HR software
  • Impact analyses for changes in HR IT landscapes
  • Project management for HR tooling implementations
  • Redesign and design of HR processes and ICT systems
  • HR outsourcing
  • Determinations and optimisations of HR IT architecture

What does it bring organisations

  • Time to engage in business development and HR strategy development on topical issues
  • Uniform, measurable and partially automated HR processes
  • Implemented HR software, tailored to the end user and integrated into business processes
  • Trained end-users, process owners and management organisation.

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