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Understanding your IT risks

The importance of reliable, robust and continuously available IT resources and reliable management information is increasing. In more and more business concepts, the role of IT has changed, from supporting to differentiating and creating value. Optimal deployment of applications, data and IT infrastructure helps determine the battle between profit and loss.

In fact, many organisations are completely dependent on the continuous availability and reliable operation of information systems and underlying technologies for their business model. In this changing landscape, it is crucial to know and manage the risks surrounding the deployment of IT assets.

To avoid a failure to properly manage dependency on IT and an incident quickly leading to lengthy system downtime or other undesirable consequences, such as unreliable data processing, unreliable information or violation of laws and regulations, it is important to ensure that:

  • The likelihood of incidents is reduced (prevention);
  • Possible incidents are detected as soon as possible (detection);
  • Consequences/consequential damages are mitigated (action);
  • Relevant stakeholders are informed and/or involved (communication).

Improven supports organisations to adequately, pragmatically and effectively understand and control IT and information-related risks, so that IT reliably adds value to organisational objectives.

Improven supports your business in

  • Conducting IT Risk Assessments and IT audits;
  • Drafting and implementing IT Control Frameworks;
  • Performing Third Party Assurance / TPM / RTA reviews (including ISAE3402/3000), both within your organisation and with your suppliers;
  • Setting up IT management processes and IT control procedures (ITIL, Cobit);
  • Setting up Business Continuity Management and Information Security Risk Management;
  • Shaping information security (from policy creation to implementation);
  • The analysis and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG)
  • Employee and management awareness (including soft controls);
  • Making security a part of regular business operations;
  • Implementing information security standards, such as ISO27001, ISO27002;

Your organisational security secured!

In our view, information security is not just fodder for your ICT organisation, but rather part of the tasks and responsibilities of the entire management and all employees. This is not about hermetically sealing systems, but about considered risks and workable security measures. Experience shows that the vast majority of information security incidents could be prevented with relatively simple control measures. The vast majority of attacks are not high-tech, but instead involve organisational gaps in security. A good basis for information security is therefore:

  • Sufficient knowledge and awareness of employees and management;
  • An information security organisation secured from top management;
  • Security measures as normal part of daily work;
  • Information security that is continuously monitored and maintained.

Your results

  • Managed and reliable IT organisation and processes;
  • Transparent insight into your control and improvement potential;
  • Transparent insight into the quality of your suppliers;
  • Accountability information to your management and internal and external regulators and customers.

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