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With a well-functioning PMO, organisations get a grip on their projects and programmes and are able to make fast, flexible and well-founded decisions on project selection and realisation. However, there is no 'one size fits all' PMO. An organisation will have to choose from a wide range of options (central or decentralised, large or small, virtual or physical), with each type having its own advantages and disadvantages.


IMPROVEN distinguishes two main types of PMOs, namely the PMO and CPMO. The difference between these types is, that the PMO acts at the project and programme level, while the CPMO focuses on controlling the project portfolio. A PMO facilitates project managers and project teams in the successful execution of projects and often has a facilitating and recording or administrative role. A CPMO focuses on the project portfolio and on prioritising the underlying projects. Because of its unique positioning within an organisation, a CPMO is ideally placed to ensure that projects, programmes and portfolios (continue to) add value to the organisation, within the framework of its strategic objectives. In organisations where there is a (hybrid) project portfolio, a shift from PMO to CPMO is therefore increasingly visible.

Project Control

It is difficult for both individual project managers and entire organisations to maintain control over projects and the project portfolio, especially when there is a high degree of complexity. The standard response is to have someone with financial expertise join a project team. In practice, this soon means having a financial controller join a project. Bringing the project 'in control' is then often taken up alongside regular line tasks.

However, the complexity of these types of projects, according to IMPROVEN, calls for a dedicated project control function. A financial helmsman or woman who not only has the right skills, but who also has a clear vision of how this type of project can be brought into control. A person who enables the project manager to control the project financially, outline scenarios and make the right choices to realise the project results.

IMPROVEN helps existing and new clients implement, professionalise and fill in both PMOs, CPMOs and project control for controlling projects, programmes and project portfolios. We have helped the following organisation, among others: Heineken, Merem, FNV, Pro Persona GGZ, Levarht, Vialis, Municipality of Amstelveen, AkzoNobel.

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