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Improven is not starting over but we are continuing what we have built a strong track record with over the past 12 years: improving customer performance by optimising processes, information provision and projects. We do this from a finance, IT and risk perspective. So whether it concerns the design and optimisation of the financial function with underlying reporting flows, the structural improvement of data quality or the setting up of a risk control framework, we will not leave before it works and is secured!


The name Improven is an amalgamation of Improve, Prove and Proven. We improve customer performance with demonstrable results and with a proven approach that we tailor to each customer issue. Our promise "It can always be better!" is in our DNA.

We focus on complex (financial) transitions and projects with high impact and change. On the other hand, we also like to help our clients optimise business operations by designing, setting up and testing business processes. No thick reports but working solutions and implementation power.


Our vision of the future of consultancy

We expect the consultancy market to grow in the coming period as a result of relevant and impactful developments. Quality of information provision, demonstrable compliance with laws and regulations, digitisation and data privacy play a crucial role in all sectors. We look forward to optimally advising, supporting and guiding our clients in these matters.


IT's Value

Since 2009, It's Value has been guiding organisations in successfully connecting IT, Business and Finance and improving IT-financial management. They do this in Western Europe from offices in the Netherlands and the UK. From 1 July 2022, IT's Value will be part of IMPROVEN