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All organisations face laws and regulations that they have to comply with. And often, in addition, internal rules have been drawn up for employees. Management often has questions about this (e.g. in risk workshops) such as: How do we know which rules we all have to comply with? Who has an overview of them? Do we comply with them? How do we find out when rules change or new rules are added? And who will then implement them?

To achieve this, many organisations have an officer who coordinates that the organisation is 'in control' in terms of compliance. This officer is usually called the 'Compliance Officer'. The Compliance Officer does not need to know all the rules himself, but he does know who in the organisation knows about each rule and is responsible for compliance. Together with those people, the Compliance Officer monitors the overall picture.

What can Improven do for you?

We have consultants with extensive experience in compliance. Together with the staff in your organisation responsible for the various laws and regulations, we can take care of the following for you:

  • Prepare overviews of all relevant laws and regulations and the level of compliance
  • Set up or temporarily fill the position of Compliance Officer
  • Becoming compliant for specific laws and regulations

We do all this in our practical way after which you can further maintain it yourself. Feel free to call to discuss how we can help you further in the area of compliance.

Privacy: handling personal data responsibly

Responsible handling of personal data remains a key concern of many organisations. Consequently, since 25 May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), known in the Netherlands as the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming), has been in force throughout the European Union. The AVG contains rules to protect citizens' privacy. The AVG replaced the WBP (Personal Data Protection Act) and WMB (Data Breach Notification Duty Act).



The AVG contains rules for processing personal data. These rules include bases, purposes, processing registers, access to personal data, retention periods, data breaches, data subjects' rights, agreements with third parties, etc. The degree of security depends on the amount and sensitivity of personal data. Organisations must also be able to demonstrate compliance with the AVG. Not (demonstrably) complying can lead to a fine or order under penalty and reputational damage on top of that.

We help organisations to comply (permanently and demonstrably) with the AVG. Not only on paper, but also in behaviour. In doing so, we adopt a pragmatic working method. We have already helped housing associations, broadcasters and retailers, among others. Our most requested services are:

  • Perform quick scan AVG compliance

  • Supporting the implementation of the AVG

  • Support in remaining AVG compliant

  • Fulfilling the role of Privacy Officer or Data Protection Officer

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