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We are Improvers of careers. It's in our DNA, searching for the optimal next step. Together with companies and candidates. The new skills that make organisations and jobs future-proof are Work Energy and Agility. Besides, of course, all the other things that are important for an optimal match such as click and culture.

Work energy is what you get by combining 'doing what you love' with 'doing what you're good at'. Because what really makes you happy, when are you in a flow and when do you have the best ideas? People who do work that matches their drives are happy and engaged employees as well as the driving force behind the growth of organisations and the development of innovations. Moreover, agility is the engine that keeps you constantly adapting and reinventing yourself. A must-have in a turbulent dynamic world.

Recruitment agency for IT, Finance and Project Management professionals, interim professionals and executives

Even at this time, we see a labour market where IT and Finance talent is scarce. So recruitment remains time-consuming and attracting top employees is still constantly on the agenda for organisations and governments. With Improven Search & Interim's recruitment expertise, you have a proactive recruitment partner. We enhance growth opportunities for dynamic organisations, from SMEs to multinationals and government. With our proactive Sourcing Power, our recruitment technology, knowledge of IT, Finance and Projects and our extensive network, we go for the direct labour market approach. We approach candidates directly and quickly, but above all personally, bringing together the ambition of client and candidate.


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