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Continuous adaptability!

The rapid development of technology, information needs, laws & regulations and new market players require adaptability. Continuous adaptability! The most successful organisations are those that can move quickly and appropriately.

We help our customers the optimum balance to be found

  • Between instrumental procedures and a pragmatic approach to project or risk management (between waterfall and agile)
  • Between bureaucratic systems and flexible processes
  • Between complex and heavy reporting and simple KPI dashboards
  • Run between (improvement) projects or short-cycle improvement.

Improven would love to help you create an agile organisation that helps you realise your strategy and a culture of continuous improvement and meet the challenges of our time.

Organizational Fitness Scan

It is about a good match between internal flexibility and external turbulence. We have developed a method to map that match by means of a scan (diagnosis). Based on 83 statements that you score on a 7-point scale, a visual image of the match or mismatch between actual and required (desired) flexibility is displayed.

Besides the match or mismatch between actual and required (desired) flexibility, the scan can provide insight into whether everyone within the organisation has the same perception of flexibility and turbulence in their own organisation. All this requires is that several officers within your organisation answer the statements. For each question, we look at the Standard Deviance in the outcomes. This can be a reason to exchange views. Click here for more information.

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Can your organisation continuously change?

Want to understand the flexibility the market demands from you and the flexibility you offer in your organisation? After all, the necessary flexibility is different for every organisation. Do you also prefer a thorough analysis on the basis of which you adapt your organisation instead of moving along with all the hypes? Then leave your details below and you will receive a link to download the "Organizational Fitness scan" fill in.

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