Improven helps and guides organisations in professionalising sustainability based on five components:

Sustainability Dashboard 

An attractive and interactive dashboard as a one-stop shop with assurance on the entire process and clear definitions across the organisation.

B Corp Certification

A certificate for companies with high standards of transparency, sustainability and ethics. With the B Corp hallmark, you can prove that within your organisation, social and sustainable entrepreneurship is at the heart of your business.

PMO Programme Sustainability

The PMO provides an overview of all ongoing projects at the participations related to sustainability and offers insight into the duration, progress, issues & risks per project, per participation.

Change & Communications

Employees want to know why change is necessary, what the ambition is and what the goals are, so it is important to pay sufficient attention to both behavioural change and communication.

Roadmap to sustainability

Making real impact by applying integrated policies and realising sustainable and long-term value.

Civil society organisations

Improven supports various community organisations. For example, we support NL Cares in strategising and realising a data-driven approach. In addition, Improven employees flexibly volunteer at NL Cares to help people who could use extra support, such as children and young people from disadvantaged situations, the elderly, migrants, the homeless and people with disabilities.


Correctbook is an award-winning enterprise working against global illiteracy. 250 million children do not have a pen and paper to learn to read and write. Correctbook produces infinitely erasable notebooks for everyone. They donate 10-15% of their sales and put the notebooks in places where it is desperately needed. Improven has had Correctbook relationship gifts designed to support this great initiative.

Christmas hampers Werkom

Improven sourced this year's Christmas hampers from Werkom, an organisation where residents of Zaanstad and Purmerend with a bridgeable distance to the labour market are made work-fit again. Werkom helps companies and organisations do business in a socially responsible way by, among other things, offering sustainable, recycled and local Christmas hampers. What makes Werkom's products special is the fact that they are all handmade by people with a story to tell.