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Improven makes the difference in finding the ideal job for top talent

We have an idiosyncratic view of the recruitment & selection profession. A CV is interesting, but we like to focus on drives and ambitions and what really energises a top candidate. And, of course, on agility.

In addition to the substantive match, this allows us to attract the right top talents with the qualities to help clients achieve their success and growth ambitions.

We empower top talents and connect them to organisations with a mission. Our clients are mostly developing organisations, due to growth, shrinkage or transformation, digitalisation or external circumstances. Where agility, agility and rapid response to change are key.

With Improven Search & Interim, you have the experience and expertise you need. Always tailor-made, for both client and candidate.

Diverse & inclusive recruiting is a key building block of our approach

Diversity & inclusion leads to more different talents and more views, and therefore better solutions.

We believe it is important that everyone gets equal opportunities and see diversity as a means of increasing our impact with our clients.

IMPROVEN has the Sustainable Development Goal 10 into its operations. This stands for reducing inequality and equal opportunities for all.

Characteristics of our services

  • Bringing the right candidates to the table at short notice
  • Diverse & inclusive recruitment - trained recruiters and consultant AND employ recruiters and consultants with diverse backgrounds themselves
  • Quick turnaround by our business managers
  • Subject contacts
  • A personalised approach and active sourcing
  • An extensive network of candidates

Our approach

We conduct interviews with relevant stakeholders. This gives us a good impression of the client's atmosphere and culture. We discuss the organisation's ambitions, what phase the organisation is currently in and what this requires of a future candidate. We list the candidate's wishes and requirements, ambitions, skills, competences and motivations, the selection process and the employment conditions package.

On the basis of a profile drawn up together, we approach our network. We also proactively contact candidates outside our network: by using our sourcing power, approaching candidates directly and smart Job Marketing.

We select the candidate with criterion-focused interviews, possibly based on an assessment, and present only the best candidates. A good briefing is essential in this process. The offer cannot be a surprise, we ensure this process runs smoothly and conclude with reference checks.

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