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Recruitment agency for IT, Finance and Project Management professionals, interim professionals and executives

Recruitment of scarce professionals is a profession in its own right. Whether you are looking for an IT Manager, a Business Controller or a Programme Manager, there is specialist recruitment knowledge in successfully enthusing the right candidate. We gladly put our Sourcing Power, approaching candidates directly, to work for you. Recruitment technology is an important tool for this. Thanks to our recruitment tools, we have a large reach and also the time to approach candidates personally and qualitatively. We like to work exclusively, the time and energy we invest in candidates is considerable. Moreover, this is better for the Candidate Experience.


  • We will discuss your recruitment issue at your office. This gives us an impression of the atmosphere and culture. We list candidate wishes and requirements, ambitions, skills, competences and motivations, the selection process and the employment conditions package.
  • With job marketing, we reach actively seeking candidates.
  • We deploy our Sourcing Power to reach the latently seeking candidates: our sourcers get to work with our recruitment tools and proactively approach and enthuse the right candidates inside and outside the network.
  • We select the candidate with a criterion-oriented interview, possibly based on an online competency assessment. This can be extended with an online assessment on Work Energy and Agility.
  • We will introduce the best candidates to you.
  • If the candidate receives an offer, we check 2 references.

Improven Search & Interim

  • Recruitment business partner
  • A candidate at the table within 2 weeks
  • Personalised approach and proactive sourcing
  • A strong network in Finance, IT and Project Managers
  • On the basis of exclusivity

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