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The outside world is changing even faster than expected. How do you combine keeping your own course with managing your biggest IT risks as well as taking advantage of great IT opportunities?

With IT Governance, we help organisations both effectively look ahead and flexibly execute. It is based on three pillars: an appealing IT strategy, clear IT policy and successful selection of the right IT resources. Depending on the customer, we reinforce these pillars with Integration, Security and Automation. This is how we take your organisation to the next level.

Innovating silently

We combine broad IT knowledge with extensive experience in improving business processes. With a pragmatic and result-oriented approach, we help organisations innovate silently. Our enthusiasm, hands-on consultants and combination of IT and Change make us unique. The Improven promise "It can always be better!" is in our DNA.

Package & Supplier selection

A well-organised and smoothly executed selection process is a prerequisite for a successful implementation and...often saves a lot of misery and money. Here, it is just as important to establish and communicate which packages were not chosen and why, as the choice of package and partner for the future.
Sooner or later, every organisation is forced to replace existing ICT systems. IMPROVEN works according to its own selection methodology

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