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At IMPROVEN, improvement starts with connection. Connection with the client, colleagues and society. As a people-oriented organisation, we are committed and strive to be constantly on the move, gaining new insights and fresh perspectives and thereby optimising our own processes. Our clients are also on the move, complex in structure and process, looking for creative and working solutions. To realise this, IMPROVEN brings in the concept of Design Thinking, an integral approach that works from the people's perspective and focuses on complex strategic and organisational issues.

"Today, in society and within companies, innovation is at play an increasingly important role.

That includes an influx of creative ideas"

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is an ongoing process. A mindset. A voyage of discovery to tackle complex problems together in a creative and people-oriented way. Our colleagues have both this mindset and practical toolkits to inspire our clients in innovative solutions for complex issues in Finance, Risk and IT. Design Thinking opens the conversation, stimulates doing things together through co-creation and also helps break patterns.

As a result, we bring fresh perspectives and combine this with other methodologies, such as Lean Start-ups, Scrum Sprints and Agile Way of Working.

Why are we fans of Design Thinking?

Design Thinking suits us as experienced thinking doers, inspired and creative specialists. It is pragmatic, iterative and fun. It requires an active attitude in doing, thinking and improving.

What can we do for you?

  • Problem solving with design thinking
  • Learning what design thinking can do for your organisation
  • Embedding design thinking in the organisation and projects
  • Training

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