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Climate change is already affecting the whole world. Therefore, making an impact in the times we live in now is more important than ever before. Improven sees it as its responsibility to help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future, for both our employees, our customers and society as a whole.

That is why we are happy to roll up our sleeves to do our bit.

Sustainable operations

Change starts with setting a good example yourself. For this reason, Improven has set high targets to realise its sustainability ambitions. The goal is to be climate neutral by 2030.

As transport is the largest source of our emissions, this is where we have the greatest potential for improvement. In addition, Improven strives to purchase its gifts and purchases (fruit, snacks, paper, coffee, tea) as sustainably as possible from a social and/or sustainable organisation. Activities are also organised with a social character (voluntary work), see page people-Improven and in-house workshops are organised for employees to make them more aware of sustainability. These include clothing exchange sessions, collecting waste on the sup through the canals of Utrecht and a vegetarian staff barbecue.

Stated sustainability ambitions

In 2019, Improven embarked on a new strategy regarding CSR. Consisting of three pillars, People, Planet, Progress (Our social impact). The following sustainability ambitions have been set for the Planet component:

2021 - Co2 footprint on transport established for the past three years.

2022 - Offset 50 tonnes of Co2 (average transport emissions),review of leasing scheme, organise employee awareness programme, study conducted on long-term offsetting and implement reductions.

2023 - Roll out long-term Co2 offsets and implement reductions.

2025 - Transport emissions reduced by 50% vs 2019.

2030 - Improven completely Co2 neutral.

*By Corona and working from home, an estimate was made for average transport Co2 emissions per year. This was estimated by Improven at 50 tonnes of Co2.

Co2 footprint

Improven has opted for a transport CO2 footprint. This footprint includes the following components:

  • Lease km Petrol
  • Lease km Diesel
  • Declared business miles
  • Declared business km's selektric
  • Declared OV km's
  • Km's public transport NS business cards
  • Staff travel expenses reimbursement

In 2019, Improven started measuring its transport CO2 footprint. Given that this was the year before the corona pandemic, this year is used as the 0 measurement on which the targets are based. Annual measurement will be carried out again in Q1. 

Actions - offset & reduce

What will Improven do about it? Improven is constantly looking at what it can do to reduce emissions. Where reduction is not possible, compensation is chosen. Starting point: First prevent then compensate. The activities below have been realised:

Working from home

By 2020, employees' contracts will allow them to work at home for a minimum of 1/5 of their working time in order to reduce commutingn.

Co2 compensation at Trees for all

By 2022, Improven will have offset 50 tonnes of Co2. Trees For All Invests in certified reforestation projects.