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In this changing world, project management is a profession in itself and not just something you do on the side. To realise and implement changes in an increasingly complex environment, organisations need project managers with the right knowledge and experience.

Realising changes

IMPROVEN helps organisations successfully realise change through its experienced and skilled project managers. They are able to design projects to achieve results and contribute to strategic objectives. IMPROVEN's consultants are experts in different approaches such as PRINCE2, IPMA and SCRUM and look for an approach that best suits the organisation and the challenge.

Improven professionals have an exemplary role in your organisation, because good example follows! Through their knowledge and skills from different environments, they contribute to improving your project organisation and the success of your projects, giving you a fit and agile organisation. We call this "Organizational Fitness".

Waterfall, agile or hybrid?

There is a movement underway whereby responsibility for fast and appropriate results is no longer the responsibility of management but is placed lower down in the organisation. Agile working has emerged from this movement, thus explaining the increasing popularity of complete 'agile transitions' of organisations. This does not mean that an agile approach is the best approach for every change. Every organisation and every project is unique; therefore, no one-size fits all principle apply. For some change initiatives, an agile approach is the best option, while for others, a waterfall approach works best. Apart from this, there are variants of the established methodologies, which combine the best of agile and waterfall; so-called hybrid variants where both waterfall and agile techniques are used.

Pragmatic project management

IMPROVEN has its own project methodology called 'Pragmatic Project Management'. This hybrid methodology combines the best of the traditional waterfall approach and the agile way of working according to agile. It enables organisations to successfully complete multidisciplinary projects with minimal effort and is easy to understand and apply, even for people with little or no project management experience. Also, the method can be adapted to your organisation and therefore quickly feel like 'your own' for employees.

Improven has already successfully trained and implemented Pragmatic Project Management at organisations including: Grant Thornton International, FNV, Heineken Supply Chain, Perfetti Van Melle, Home Fashion Group (Kwantum), Blokker Holding, GGZ Pro Persona, Vilans, Public Prosecutor's Office, ABN AMRO, Continental Bakeries, Vion Food Group, Huisartsen Eemland, Detailresult Group, ConQuaestor, Vialis, impegno, Brocacef, V&VN.

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