Diversity & Inclusion

At Improven, we embrace Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) as a source of strength that fits seamlessly with our core values: improving by connecting, together, creative and inspired. A diverse group of professionals brings different perspectives, experiences and thinking styles with it. This leads to enriched decision-making and a wider range of solutions for our clients. We also believe that in a diverse & inclusive working environment, employees feel valued and recognised, feel better about themselves and, as a result, their work happiness and engagement is increased.


We want the connecting the best professionals to us, regardless of gender, cultural or ethnic background, orientation, religion, work challenge or age. Together, we are committed to optimal talent utilisation in the interest of the organisation and the employee. Improven is committed to active inclusion, with a special focus on diverse & inclusive recruiting and creating awareness. These are key building blocks of our approach.

Key personnel principles

  1. Creating a working atmosphere where everyone's talent is seen and utilised.
  2. A culture where everyone counts, everyone can be themselves, be valued and employed in a way that suits them.

SDG 5 Gender equality

Diversity and Inclusion is an important part of our targeted programme on sustainability that we have linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For D&I, we have the SDG 5 Gender equality chosen as a key KPI. We translated this into the sub-theme 'Diversity & Inclusion'.

Improven's 8 diversity goals

Target 1

Annual employee satisfaction survey with careful attention to issues of Diversity and Inclusion.

Target 2

Periodic sounding board sessions D&I which are organised 4x a year by the D&I working group to promote open conversation and an inclusive culture

Target 3

Annual measurement Diversity & Inclusion. In Q4, Improven is conducting, anonymously and in line with AVG guidelines, an internal measurement Diversity & Inclusion in which ca 70-75% of the organisation voluntarily participated. The topic is alive and well and considered relevant. This measurement is the basis for the good conversation about acceptance and active policy on it.

Target 4

Active Inclusion Culture. Improven promotes an inclusive culture through inclusive recruitment, included in our recruitment policy and annual plan, through vibrant D&I policy through daily communication of our code of conduct of which D&I is a significant part

Target 5

Society awareness. Improven raises social awareness through active participation in initiatives and partnerships, and shares best practices. To inspire us, Improven signed the Diversity Charter with the SER in 2022 (Process | SER Diversity in Business) through which we share with signatories what works and what does not, so that together we move forward in shaping successful diversity and inclusion policies. Annually, Improven draws up a Plan of Action and periodically we discuss progress.

Target 6

Onboarding programme for our new employees, covering our code of conduct and our diversity and inclusion objectives and principles

Target 7

D&I is on the governance agenda. Management informs the organisation about the targets and actively helps and encourages to achieve them

Target 8

Inclusive spaces facilitate accessibility for all regardless of their physical abilities, taking into account for different needs; including prayer, breastfeeding & pumping

Continuity and securing diversity and inclusion

To ensure continuity and assurance of diversity and inclusion, monitoring on the topic has been implemented both top-down and bottom-up in Improven's operations and is reported integrally annually.

Diversity & Inclusion team

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