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Organisations with a large portfolio of projects and change initiatives have an extra need for insight and overview, in order to make the right decisions from there and oversee the impact of those decisions. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) ensures that an organisation gets the maximum value from projects, with the right deployment of people and resources. Without PPM, it is almost impossible to systematically work towards a fit, agile organisation; we call this Organizational Fitness.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) supports management in making choices regarding the selection and guidance of initiatives that best align with strategic objectives. It is a management concept that ensures the selection and realisation of projects that, in context, contribute most to an organisation's value needs.

Understanding the organisation's projects

More and more organisations recognise that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" project approach and let the choice of approach depend on the task at hand. This creates a "blended" project portfolio. In such a portfolio, waterfall projects, hybrid projects and agile changes are managed together. However, managing a blended project portfolio is a lot more complex than a regular portfolio and demands a lot from the capabilities of the person controlling the portfolio.

Among the organisations Improven has facilitated in project portfolio management are: UMCG, Zorggroep Midden Nederland, Liberty Global, Liandon, Kwantum, Mercedes Finance, Raad voor de Rechtspraak, COA, Avans Hogeschool, HWW Zorg, Pro Persona GGZ, Vialis, Gemeente Amstelveen, Agility Logistics.

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