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Today, the quality manual or "binder of standard processes" no longer suffices. In a changing world, the new standard is: demonstrable, controlled, verifiable (ABC).

This state, from theory, can be reduced to a number of recognisable characteristics. Central concepts here are applying the ABC to (BPM) processes via a generic working method. With this, you establish your own, authentic basis or best practice to get the house in order. This requires both discipline and standardisation: sticking to agreements and implementing them consistently. Ownership is essential: who feels like the trigger and does it as intended? The term hygiene factor is appropriate here: you don't distinguish yourself with it, but an outsider expects that they are simply always present and well arranged. That requires discipline: maintain your process, promote the agreed way of working. If the basics are there, this brings a 'neutral feeling or perception'. However, if it is not there, this leads to customer and/or employee dissatisfaction. We characterise this as "do fit": provide the stable basis and maintain it.

In control, or mastery, today requires maturity in service delivery: such that it is reproducible, documented and stable so that results are predictable. This ABC is something with which many problems are experienced. Often, this basis is abandoned for an overshot focus on costs and production. You don't have to; you can organise processes, change behaviour and adapt systems. Having a solid foundation, demonstrably in order, is a matter of choice, focus and attention. In addition to a proven set of instruments (BPM tools) that you deploy for that purpose.

Improven can help with this in several ways to become, be and stay in control.

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