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Is your organisation already data-driven?

Is your organisation already making decisions based on reliable data? A good information strategy and a data-driven mindset are crucial. Obtained insights lead to targeted improvement of strategy, business processes, prioritisation in projects, customer satisfaction and ultimately to better business performance. Decisions based on relevant and accurate data are simply more effective than decisions taken on gut feeling. But how do you implement data-driven working in your organisation and what is involved?

IMPROVEN can help your organisation achieve data objectives. Our DAMA certified consultants provide strategic advice and help with the practical execution and implementation of these objectives. Together with employees from your organisation, we identify wishes and needs. End result: A more mature data organisation where value is achieved through insights based on reliable data.

IMPROVEN can help your organisation with, among other things:

Designing and setting up Data Organisation & Governance

Would you like your organisation to do more on the bidding of data? Do you want to work data-driven but don't know how to do it? IMPROVEN is happy to help you set up and implement data organisation and governance.

Conducting baseline measurement / maturity scan

Want to know where your organisation stands on data quality and analytics? IMPROVEN offers a Data Quality Scan and Business Analytics Maturity Scan where this can be understood.

Creating awareness & providing training

To make sure your organisation understands what data-driven working means, we offer awareness training. This way, everyone in the organisation understands why high data quality is important, what the possibilities of analytics are and what it takes to get there.

Business Analytics

IMPROVEN offers driven consultants who can help your organisation with analytics and reporting issues. This will help you get more insight from your data.

Data Quality Scan

IMPROVEN offers a Data Quality Scan where you, as an organisation, get insight into the quality of your data and data processes and how they can be further optimised. More information can be found at here.

Business Analytics Maturity Scan

IMPROVEN offers a Business Analytics Maturity scan where you as an organisation can gain insight into analytics maturity. More information can be found here.

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