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A comfortable state is the balance between mastery and adaptation. With a stable base, attention shifts to improving and optimising. People find this space difficult; improving is uncertain and ambiguous; holding on to the good, letting go of the different.

Room for growth and for doing things differently or better arises when there is clarity on the standard process, control and control variables. Where first the focus is determined by getting a grip (control), this state offers room for manoeuvre: by building on the foundation of the framework of processes, norms, agreements and behaviour.

Within Improven, we believe in the philosophy of continuous improvement. Within every organisation, within every process, there is always room for improvement. Improvements can, depending on the situation, be implemented on a daily basis (steering), in small-scale improvement actions (kaizens or scrums) or by carrying out a project. Depending on the type of organisation and process, we work with methods and techniques from, for example, lean six sigma, agile, theory of contraints or world class manufacturing. Everything revolves around a careful analysis of the nature of the organisation; processes and bottlenecks, before choosing a mix of techniques. For us, herein lies the essence behind continuous improvement.

As for In control and Innovate successful continuous improvement also depends on the behaviour of managers and employees. Improving and optimising in a permanent, structural (PDCA) manner; a clear approach to working together on better management. In this way, an integral competence is built up to realise movement forward. Direction is a crucial concept in this: not just pulling, but realising! We characterise this as "be fit": build on your pillars, combine the best parts and remove unnecessary ballast.

Whether you use us to improve a process or further develop the organisation in continuous improvement, Improven always pays attention to knowledge and skills, but also to leadership, the control model and the culture of the organisation. After all, implementing and improving processes is people work.

Strengthening elements from both "phases" (In control and Improve) brings together the best of both worlds. The trick is to respect conflicting interests of both stability (In control) and change (Improve). Precisely this attitude, lays the foundation for renewal and improvement: innovate

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