Improven consists of a diverse team of inspired employees. Together we have set up a programme of Social Return initiatives to stimulate everyone to make a coaching status holders, by providing a Finance & Data training course for asylum seekers, by volunteering in e.g. elderly care, by organising meetings on location of social firms, by considering the use of social target groups when hiring staff, by providing career coaching to young people without role short: something for everyone. In the field of People, Improven has several projects and collaborations running.

Everyone grows with JINC

Improven works with JINC to help children aged 8 to 16, who grow up in an environment with high unemployment and few role models, get a good start in the labour market. We do this by providing training on, among other things, interview techniques, writing a CV and having a job interview. JINC has also developed the Career Coaches programme, pairing pupils with someone from the business world who knows what they are talking about. At Improven, we will work with 10 career coaches who will try to find out what a student is good at and guide him/her in making appropriate choices for further education.

'Together towards work' - WSP Municipality of Zaanstad

Improven provides job interview training for a group of status holders from the Municipality of Zaanstad and surrounding areas. In eight modules, participants are prepared for the Dutch labour market. From personal branding to interview techniques to writing a good CV, everything is covered.

Physical market for Working & Learning

Improven organised and coordinated the Market for Working & Learning in autumn 2021 together with the Werkgevers Service Punt (WSP) Zaanstreek- Waterland. An event where jobseekers with a distance to the labour market can meet employers from various industries.

After months of preparations think about writing to candidates, finding employers, matters surrounding the location, in October it was finally there! A total of more than 600 people attended including jobseekers, 60 employers, councillors and WSP staff. During this event, in addition to engaging with employers, jobseekers could participate in various workshops and activities such as a professional LinkedIn photo, CV check, small-scale workshops, VG Games and ran compliments girls to give attendees a personal compliment. All in all, it was a great success, helping several jobseekers find jobs.

Living lab 'New Dutch nationals to new jobs' - New Dutch Connections

Improven likes to share its knowledge and expertise and has therefore partnered with the New Dutch Connections foundation in 2021. NDC aims to motivate and inspire (former) refugees to believe in themselves again, by offering workshops together with companies and organising unique encounters.

Improven has set up a Finance & Data course especially for (former) refugees with a background in this sector, including training on Power BI, working out finance cases and developing soft skills such as job interview training, personal branding, networking, how to make a good CV and intercultural skills. Here, Improven's consultants are deployed as coaches (buddies) to support the personal and professional development of the participants and also deliver the trainings with support from NDC! "I really enjoy the fact that in addition to my assignments, I can get involved socially with people who could use extra help."