Our social impact

Our promise 'there is always room for improvement' does not only apply to the performance of the customers we work with. It also concerns our social footprint. We are working towards a result-oriented organisation that strikes the right balance between efforts for our customers, our organisation and our society.

Our clients also consider social involvement important and therefore expect a lot from us. In framework contracts, we agree concrete and measurable targets with our clients, in which we demonstrably invest turnover percentages in Social Return. Step by step, we are more aware of our impact on sustainability, circularity, inequality and diversity issues. Read our policy here Diversity and Inclusion.

For example, Improven helps people with a distance to the labour market to enable them to participate in society by offering prospects of suitable work and income. We also advise various charity organisations free of charge and assist organisations in professionalising sustainability. With our inspired people, we take into account the social effects of our activities. Together, we can make the world a little better!

People - Planet - Progress

Improven sees CSR as an essential part of its operations. In doing so, we focus on three result areas: Social (People), Ecological (Planet) and Economic (Progress).