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Digital transformation

As an organisation, you face an increasingly fast-changing environment and customer requirements. This requires an agile, flexible organisation that can respond quickly to these changes. This way, you will remain significant for your customers, employees and the market in the future. The pursuit of agility in order to quickly adopt technological changes and turn them into opportunities is what we at IMPROVEN call Digital Transformation.

But what is the way there and what steps do you take first? How do you turn digital strategy into concrete acceleration & improvement? And how do you make the actual transformation with your current organisation?


Our vision

At IMPROVEN, digital transformation starts with connection. Connection with the client, colleagues and the market. We guide organisations in their ambition in digitalisation. Within Improven, we see digital transformation as an important step to be relevant to your customers for now and later. As a partner, we stand alongside our customers and look at their future with them. How do we stay agile, how do we keep costs under control and how do we keep ahead of the competition? But also how do you remain attractive to your employees? We would like to answer these questions together with you!

Digital steering wheel

IMPROVEN uses the 'Digital Steering Wheel' to address your essential questions around the development and implementation of digital transformations. The Digital Steering Wheel structures your conversations and makes them effective. It is practical and identifies your digital challenges. This gives you a better grip on your organisation's current digital agility.

Digital transformation is first and foremost a business transformation. Change only has real impact if you drive it from cohesion between initiatives. By paying attention to all four business drivers (Organisation, People, Data & Technology) and looking at them from connection, you get maximum business value from your Digital Transformation.

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