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IMPROVEN helps organisations successfully realise change through its experienced and skilled project managers. They are able to design projects to achieve results and contribute to strategic objectives. IMPROVEN's consultants are experts in different ways of working such as PRINCE2, IPMA and SCRUM but look for an approach that best suits the organisation and the challenge.

An entire organisation's current appetite for change can greatly benefit from implementing pragmatic programme management.The real benefit to be gained from programme management is the application of a shared organisational approach to managing the coherence of projects. This is because a shared organisational approach enables organisations to implement many changes simultaneously not only today, but also tomorrow. This ultimately guarantees higher project efficiency.

Combining targeting with flexibility

What makes modern programmes successful is combining the principles of best practice programme management with more agile solutions, e.g. SCRUM teams.

Time and opportunities are often limited; so the important thing is that everyone at least knows what needs to be done in the short term. But the programme cannot and need not be completely pre-fabricated with detailed plans and documentation, as long as the objective, expected benefits and scope are clear. The associated documentation, such as planning and underlying agreements, in such a case are of sufficient level to communicate clearly with the team.

IMPROVEN helps organisations to set up and optimise programme management. To this end, we deploy programme managers who make the difference. They move flexibly with the circumstances and manage the programme in the best way with a continuous focus on the goal.

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Management of programmes

A PMO or programme office, as a permanent part of the programme, is an effective tool in translating strategic ideas into practical change. The use of a PMO makes it possible to combine related projects in a programme for effective management and to give programmes and projects the right priorities and positioning within the project portfolio.

Among others, Improven has assisted the following organisation in setting up and implementing programme management: VolkerWessels, HWW Zorg, Municipality of Amsterdam, Smith & Son, Schiphol Group, Parent & Child Teams, Heineken Nederland, GGD Regio Utrecht.