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Understanding your mastery and potential for improvement

How do you know if your organisation's operations are working as they should? How do you know if your organisation is 'in control' and compliant with laws and regulations? How do you know if your processes really support the realisation of your organisational objectives?

Continuous improvement and proven 'in control' is an important condition for success and continuity of organisations. Understanding the risks of your organisation and processes is necessary to manage them effectively and transparently, to be compliant with internal and external laws and regulations and to make effective use of improvement capabilities.

With internal audits, you gain the necessary insight into control, compliance and capacity for improvement. Internal audits add value by providing additional assurance, advice and direction for your organisation. In our view, the internal auditor should not only identify and assess (residual) risks, but also proactively advise on how to manage those risks. The auditor is explicitly expected to add value to your organisation and the realisation of your organisational goals: from protecting value to developing value.

Improven offers thoughtful and pragmatic Internal Audit solutions, from setting up the internal audit function (IAF) to conducting internal audits. Your process of value creation and goal realisation is enhanced when internal audits are an inseparable part of your operations.

Improven supports you in:

  • Shaping and setting up the Internal Audit Function (IAF) according to internationally recognised IIA standards and in line with DNB requirements;
  • Conducting operational, financial, process, compliance and IT audits;
  • Conducting purpose and legality reviews;
  • Conducting risk analyses and organisational and process vetting;
  • Conducting soft controls audits: what factors influence behaviour and therefore control within the organisation;
  • Conducting audits in preparation for external certification (w.o.w. ISAE3402);
  • Co-sourcing of Internal Audit Function / Internal Audit Services;
  • Setting up, implementing and reviewing Internal Control Frameworks;
  • Guiding the IAF through training, coaching and knowledge.

Your results

  • Effective Internal Audit Function appropriate to size and complexity of your organisation;
  • Transparent insight into your control and improvement potential;
  • Accountability information to your management and internal and external regulators.

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