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The value of information is increasing for organisations. On this basis, organisations are steered. The underlying data quality has to be structurally in order to steer for correct information. This poses a major challenge for many organisations because getting and keeping data in order is an interplay between business and IT and goes beyond implementing a tool. The organisation, processes, people and systems must be "ready".

Our approach

To structurally improve data quality, IMPROVEN has developed a scan, which will give you insight into the current quality of your data and the activities for its (structural) improvement. We perform this scan together with the employees of your organisation, because it is so important that employees understand the importance of good data. From the scan, we draw up an action plan to implement structural improvements. This includes defining data definitions, setting up data-to-information transformation processes, setting up management processes and data governance, arranging transport and recording data in systems.

In addition to structurally improving data quality, it supports IMPROVEN also in data privacy.

Customers ask us for

  • Workshops: Do's and Don'ts on data quality
  • Basic scan: Where does the organisation stand on data quality
  • Comprehensive scan: Deepening on the focus points of the basic scan and an implementation roadmap to structurally improve data quality
  • Advise, implement and execute: Data quality optimisation

Your results

  • Reliable, high-quality and unambiguous (management) information
  • `First Time Right` data: the data is delivered and entered error-free so that employees can blindly rely on it when carrying out their duties
  • Better control of inventories, cost reduction, reduction in procurement costs
  • Better and more efficient implementation of Organisation/IT/Data changes through presence of standards and data definitions
  • Optimising Time to Market & Forecasting
  • Transparency in costs and revenues

Dates. Where to start?

"We have to do something with that", a common statement when it comes to data analytics. Many organisations act mainly out of fear of not missing the boat - not from intrinsic motivation, but because of external pressure. Once organisations then start working with data, it is mainly used to look at the past. The picture about the future is formed based on gut feelings or a few Excels stuck together. This can be done differently! After all, it is perfectly possible to predict based on data. That's the future, but how do you start it?"

Improven knows where to start. Our data analytics team has laid out the approach in a clear story for you. Want to know more about this?

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