Pragmatic Project Management training

(2 days)

"The training is inspiring and practical. Through dialogues and assignments, the training is interactive, with the trainer responding to the group of participants and thinking along with situations that arise in the group. I experienced that a project can be a dynamic issue, and I was given tools to deal with it effectively. It were two nice days with relevant content!" 

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The goal

During this training, you will learn the essential elements of project management that are going to make the difference for you to make every project a success. By getting acquainted with the Pragmatic Project Management approach, you will discover how to manage your project. We challenge you to go out with the right questions, both when drawing up the project plan and when implementing it. We take you through the control model in which this approach works optimally and go through the different phases and steps of the project.

Our training is aimed at ensuring that you, the project manager, continuously make the approach and implementation as simple and effective as possible, incorporating the following principles:

  • Ensure close cooperation between project owner, project leader and stakeholders
  • Thorough preparation and a supported project approach is essential
  • Focus on the agreed end result, but keep all possibilities for continuous adjustment
  • Less is more, so as few templates, documentation and consultations as possible.

After the training you will be able to apply the steps and useful techniques in Pragmatic Project Management to your project the next day. Moreover, you will get tools to take your colleagues along in a change to raise the project management of your department or organisation to a higher level.

For whom

The training is intended for every project leader and project manager looking for a lightweight approach to bring a project to a successful conclusion. Mastering a project with our pragmatic approach takes relatively little time, which means that even professionals who "do project management on the side" are able to achieve good results with our approach.

In addition, the training is also excellent for all project roles responsible for improving project management within their own project organisation. Indeed, Pragmatic Project Management is a lightweight framework that is easy to translate into practice in one's own organisation.

Desired prior knowledge

You will get the most out of this training if you are (soon to be) responsible for setting up and implementing one or more projects. This allows you to immediately apply what you have learned in your own working environment. The training does not contain any difficult jargon and the exercises in the training are suitable for everyone to participate in. Knowledge of and/or certification in project management is therefore NOT a requirement.


During the two-day training course "Pragmatic Project Management" you will learn how to set up, manage and complete a small to medium-sized project in a goal-oriented way. The training has a modular structure. The training aims not only to teach you the process, but also to give you frequent practice with the necessary skills and techniques.

The training is further characterised by its highly varied and interactive nature. During the two half-day sessions, a fictitious case is used to simulate a real project. While executing the case, we go through the project phasing and project steps and translate the theory into practice. By means of joint assignments, role plays, interesting short films and other interactive working methods, you will learn the most important elements in approaching a project in an accessible and pleasant way.

Pragmatic Project Management has 4 phases, 12 components and a large number of techniques. As a project manager, you must be able to use these phases, components and techniques to control the project properly in order to increase the chances of completing the project successfully. You learn to recognise when to make timely adjustments when the project success is in danger.

Some of the topics and techniques covered:

  • Speaking the same language
  • Setting the objective, results & scope
  • Identifying stakeholders/stakeholders
  • Forming the project teams
  • Roles and responsibilities in a project
  • Project organisation structures
  • Creating a milestone and activity plan
  • Risks, issues and changes (in conjunction)
  • Making a business case
  • Tollgates (go/no-go)
  • Project drumbeat
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Reporting progress
  • Closing the project


After the training you will be able to draw up your own project plan, manage your own small or medium-sized projects and involve the project owner and stakeholders in the required change. The tools you can use for this will of course be sent to you so that you can immediately reap the benefits.

On top of that, you will become part of Improven's project management community where our experts are ready to answer your questions as you implement your project. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of participation from Improven.

The more project leaders use the Pragmatic Project Management approach and speak the same language, the more project success can be generated. That is why in this training we also give you tips on how the approach can add value for your colleagues.

Contact information

If you have a pressing question or request, please contact Maarten or Ivo.

Training dates (open enrolment)

Physical training consists of 2 training days.

  • Dag 1: Woensdag 20 november van 8.30 uur – 17.00 uur
  • Dag 2: Donderdag 21 november van 8.30 uur – 17.00 uur.

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The training will take place at Improven at Zonnebaan 9-21, 3542 AE in Utrecht. If government coronagraphs discourage physical training, the training will take place entirely virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Would you like to attend this training together with colleagues at your own location? No problem! We will also come to you (virtually). Call or e-mail us to make an appointment.


The cost for this two-day course is €1,195. Prices quoted are exclusive of 21% VAT and include the necessary training materials.


Maarten van Weeghel

Maarten is the founder of the Pragmatic Project Management approach and, as lead trainer, has since implemented the approach in many organisations. In doing so, he also trains project owners and management in using this approach. As a project professional, he has extensive experience in setting up project organisations, PMOs and project portfolio management. He has gained this experience in various sectors, such as banking, energy, telecom, retail, healthcare and government.

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Ivo Heijtel

Ivo is an all-round project professional and has contributed to the implementation of complex projects in roles of project leader, programme manager, Project Management Officer and Portfolio Officer. He has trained project leaders and project staff in the use of Pragmatic Project Management and applies the approach himself in all his projects. Those projects are mainly at banks, healthcare institutions, telecoms and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

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"The Pragmatic Project Management training at Improven is exactly what the name suggests: Pragmatic. The knowledge and tools gained are well applicable in practice. The project approach discussed is low-threshold, and ensures that we can follow the projects well and also complete them faster. This training is highly recommended, especially for organisations where employees have to do projects "on top of it"!"

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