Project Portfolio Management Flow course


Agility requires flexible and effective management of change!

How do you organise decision-making about changes in such a way that decisions are made effectively, based on insight and overview, without it becoming a rigid bureaucracy? And how do you include everyone, so that it works? This forms the core of the Project Portfolio Management course. The call for more agility in our society demands something extra from organisations: getting a grip on projects, ensuring concrete results, achieving goals, dealing with "side-flies", improving coherence, finding the balance between short-term and long-term change initiatives, working together in situations with projects and agile teams. This calls for a different approach to PPM.

The field of Project Portfolio Management is dynamic, with many facets, hard and soft, structure and culture. The theories seem logical, but practice is obstinate. The answer is the PPM FLOW! In 8 half-days, together with the master and colleagues from other organisations, you discover how to tackle the issues.

A course for every professional who is responsible for a portfolio of change initiatives (projects) and wants to get more out of them. For (project) portfolio managers, business change managers, transition managers, programme managers, release train managers, portfolio analysts and PMO managers, the PPM FLOW! course offers the perfect opportunity for further professionalisation, together with colleagues from other organisations.

With the PPM FLOW! approach, we move step by step from Los via Grip to Synergy and Impact. 

The course has helped me enormously in putting PPM on the map within De-fensie" (Dick Koen, Lead portfolio manager Ministry of Defence and with his team winner Portfolio Manager of the Year 2018)

Learning from own practice cases

Participants name their challenges, wrap them up in their own case and discuss them with the group. This way, they exchange examples among themselves and learn about methods, approaches and solutions. This stimulates the application of what has been learned in their own working environment and the optimal use of acquired knowledge.

Group composition

The group size is 4 to 6 participants from various organisations, both profit and non-profit. Participants are both experienced and novice portfolio management professionals, (soon to be) responsible for coordinating or managing a portfolio of change initiatives. Participants are expected to have at least mastered the principles of project-based working. Knowledge of methodologies such as MoP, MoV, MSP, Project-based Creation, PRINCE2, Stage Gate, Kanban, Scrum and SAFe is a plus.

Programme schedule

The course consists of 8 half-day sessions. We start from the maturity model of PPM FLOW! and how change management works to get everyone on board. We then explore the mechanisms of targeting, estimating and realising the portfolio of change initiatives and finish with the influences of leadership and mindset.

To match participants' individual learning goals as much as possible, we determine the final programme together, in the first meeting.


Location & time

The sessions are held on location in Utrecht West. Every other week, on Friday mornings from 08:30 to 12:30. The first meeting covers the first 2 sessions (i.e. full day). Participants receive a certificate of participation at the end of the modules.


Spring 2023:

8 sessions, on 14/04 (2x), 28/04, 12/05, 26/05, 09/06, 23/06, 07/07*

Autumn 2023:

8 sessions, on 15/09 (2x), 22/09, 06/10, 20/10, 03/11, 17/11, 01/12*

* Dates to be finalised in consultation


The PPM FLOW! course is supervised by Jan G. Bloem, consultant and coach. Jan has been active as an organisational consultant for over 40 years, 20 of which in PPM. He is the founder of PPM FLOW!, is associated with Improven and PPMpro and has built up an extensive practice with best practices. Since 2004, Jan has organised the PPM Annual Conference (

Jan can be reached at +31 6 53 63 63 06


€3,599.00 per person (excluding 21% VAT)

Invoicing and payment in advance.