Solvinity introduces itself

In late 2020, Improven and Solvinity met around the topic of "hybrid working". During the event 'The New Home Office' we showed organisations the latest workplace trends and shared best practices around the new home office with a secure and efficient digital workplace. Around this theme, Improven offers services to reassess strategy, policies and processes and Solvinity offers the innovative secured managed IT services. Solvinity Product Owner Workspace Danny Vosman explains the matter and the Solvinity workspace concept in more detail in this blog.

Hybrid working 'here to stay'

New working, or hybrid working as some call it, is a hot topic for many organisations. The corona crisis has obviously given home working a huge boost. Like Improven, Solvinity is also experiencing that more and more clients are considering offering more flexibility between working from home or in the office even after the corona crisis. The office is becoming more of a meeting place and employees decide when and where they do their work.

Working more from home seems 'here to stay', but there are also pitfalls. How do you keep the club together and ensure that everyone can work efficiently and enjoyably? We illustrate this using a pyramid, which consists of five layers.

The five layers of the digital workplace

The bottom layer of the pyramid consists of infrastructure availability, the technical side of the workplace. On top of that is a security layer that ensures that both data and applications are maximally secured.

The third layer is about accessibility. Working from different places, everyone should have access to the information needed to do the job anytime, anywhere.

The fourth layer concerns the social component. How do you easily connect with colleagues, customers and third parties? And finally the fifth component is the cultural aspect. How do you maintain a sense of community, social cohesion, when you no longer meet full-time?

Working environments up and running 24/7, with accessible and secure data

So all these aspects require more than just technology. It touches the strategy and policy of the organisation, requires change in business processes and also requires behavioural change. These are the challenges where Improven guides and helps many organisations with direction and concrete implementation. But really good hybrid working also requires good tooling as a foundation for this change. This is where Solvinity offers a great solution with Lango Workspace.

Lango Workspace is a modern cloud workplace solution, based on Office 3655 that ensures that work environments remain up and running 24/7 and data is always and everywhere properly secured. It provides a central starting point from which employees can access the entire work environment anywhere, anytime and from any device, with just one password. It integrates all information from different sources, such as company news and applications, but also your calendar and documents, conveniently in one user-friendly personal environment and can be accessed directly from a browser. Its intuitive set-up allows employees to get to grips with it in the shortest possible time. For end users, this is ideal. Should any questions arise, our Lango Coach is on hand to offer advice and support. Finally, Lango integrates communication tools and can be adapted to the house style of the organisation.

By transferring the care of such issues to one professional service provider, organisations can fully focus on taking the hybrid working concept further. Lango is part of our broader portfolio of secure managed services from Solvinity. With the assurance that the solid foundation is in place. Because IT just has to do it all the time. Fast, simple, anytime and anywhere.

Want to know more or need help?

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