The National Ombudsman helps when things go wrong between citizens and the government. For example, when letters or requests are unresponsive or slow to be processed. The organisation ensures that citizens' interests are always respected and are part of everything the government does. To continue serving citizens, the National Ombudsman wants to improve its work processes with a focus on working uniformly and understanding the content and handling of requests. In this way, staff can continue to do their important work with full passion.

At the National Ombudsman's office, there were concerns that the way of working was not well defined in process descriptions. In addition, the organisation wanted to renew the case and document management system. Users were experiencing bottlenecks in registration and information was hard to find. Improven was therefore asked to:

  1. Getting the primary, governing and support processes ready to work with the new case system.
  2. Supporting and advising on the implementation of the new case system.

Our approach

We do this by analysing the gap between the processes and the old system and adjusting the processes where necessary.
Process capture is not an end in itself, but a means and always serves a purpose other than mere capture. We always create an understanding of the current situation first, through dialogue with all stakeholders. Our approach is based on interaction and discovery. By conducting desk research and conducting interviews and workshops, we have prioritised, analysed, updated and, where possible, optimised and unified the processes. We base our advice and approach on the Lean Six Sigma philosophy. Our consultants are qualified Lean Six Sigma specialists with Black Belt level. As a result, we always arrive at a sustainable solution and make the organisation self-reliant in continuous improvement.


The National Ombudsman is another step forward in their ambition to help citizens in the best possible way, by:

  • The National Ombudsman's process house has been updated;
  • The National Ombudsman has updated, unified and optimised processes and information flows;
  • The processes are the basis for the set-up of the new case system; after implementation, the process house and the system set-up are again aligned.
  • Insightful and more manageable processes captured in National Ombudsman's modelling tool.
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