ZonMw works on good health for everyone. Complex scientific and social health issues such as the affordability of care, decentralisation of care tasks to the local level and new threats to public health make this a major challenge. ZonMw does not solve these issues alone. Together with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), ZonMw stimulates and funds health research and care innovation.

ZonMw has grown considerably in recent years, increasing the need for unambiguous processes. ZonMw's ambition is to harmonise and unambiguously describe all Finance & Control processes by 2023. To realise this ambition, Improven was asked to review, describe and secure all processes of this department.

Our approach

To realise ZonMw's ambition, we first examined the processes within the F&C department. How did we do this? First, the current activities were inventoried with the process owners, say the experts of the processes, through workshops. In addition, the RACI responsibilities and risks per process were discussed in the workshops. After the workshop, the processes and RACI were elaborated in the process capture system by our process experts. The identified risks per process including control measures were recorded in the risk register. Finally, using our Improven method, focused on Continuous Improvement, an advisory report was prepared. Among other things, the advisory report highlighted risks with a high impact on the organisation and provided management measures.


In achieving ZonMw's ambition, 30 processes were established and are now carefully managed by the organisation. Below is an overview of the results achieved for ZonMw:

  • Employees take a uniform approach;
  • Described and visualised processes, accessible to all employees;
  • Motivated employees by seeing their added value in the organisation;
  • The processes form the basis for induction of new employees;
  • Overview of risks and management measures by process;
  • ZonMw is demonstrably in control.

ZonMW: "Improven identified and described all processes in a constructive way with our staff. We appreciate the expertise and pleasant cooperation with Improven".

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