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We are proud to present DeSI!

Various boards, treasurers, portfolio managers and housing managers of housing associations rack their brains daily over strategic issues concerning the transition of real estate, optimal loan portfolios, social contributions or a merger. But determining the impact of a change of energy label on costs and residential enjoyment, or determining an acceptable return on (social) spending, also turns out to be quite complicated.

It ís also complicated. Especially because the relevant data sources (internal and external) are stored everywhere and nowhere - in many tools and Excel models - in a kind of 'black box'. A data struggle. It is precisely this cry (from our customers but also from our consultants) for a workable and all-encompassing tool that has led us, with a driven team of Improven consultants and OCS-data specialists have developed something wonderful and modern. DeSI!

The name originated from the amalgamation of Thecision Support Improved...DeSI that is. One accessible solution in the cloud that lets you make smart choices, based on data and on as many cross-sections as necessary. The tooling runs within robust and reliable software from SAS.

Decisions can be faster, easier and more informal

No expensive and complex tooling and/or complicated Excel models, but verifiable business logic. With DeSI, you make powerful, complete and well-founded analyses prior to critical decision moments such as (dis)investments, financing, long-term budgeting, strategy formation and transition plans. The tool offers reassuring model-based objectivity and quickly provides real-time insight into financial possibilities, continuity, interest rate risk or even social returns.

The course you take is underpinned by DeSI. A course that balances social objectives, real estate objectives and financial preconditions. DeSI combines strategy, treasury, asset management and portfolio management. This means innovative dashboarding in the following areas:

  • Financial risk profile: impact on financial position, assets and cash flows, WSW /Aw ratios;
  • Property profile: taking into account current investment plans, impact on hold/sell, quality, sustainability targets, availability of the right homes;
  • Social impact: what added value can you deliver on these opportunities? Affordability, liveability.

Let us take you into the world of DeSI and request a short demo! Even if you have questions about its operation or applicability to your organisation, we are happy to think along with you. We can be reached via e-mail and telephone and look forward to getting in touch with you.


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