Pragmatic project management


A clear project approach ensures clarity for all stakeholders in an organisation and is a prerequisite for systematically delivering projects successfully. And thus work towards a fit, agile organisation.

Especially in organisations where projects are often 'just added on' by managers and employees. That is why it is important that, in the role of project manager, they have a basic approach that does not take too much time, is tailored to the organisation (and therefore feels like 'their own') and delivers results.

Pragmatic Project Management by Improven was developed with this in mind. This hybrid project management methodology combines traditional Waterfall with Agile.

Implementation in 4 steps

Implementing Pragmatic Project Management in your organisation involves four simple steps: Setting up, Training, Coaching and Supervision. We train project managers, management and directors in applying the method. So that it can be applied immediately when directing and implementing current and new projects.

Project management: top 10 trends for 2021

Every year Improven takes stock of trends and developments in Project & Project Portfolio Management in the Netherlands. Changes within organisations follow each other in quick succession and there is again budget to invest in new products and/or services: we are going to do more projects again! What trends and developments can you expect as a project professional in 2021?

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