Isolectra is a highly successful and innovative trading company for products for electrical engineering, industrial automation, building control, safety and presence detection. In this market, innovation is of great importance, technological development is rapid, therefore there is always an opportunity for new entrants and more and more is required by customers.

Isolectra wants to be able to quickly anticipate changing market conditions and adapt its strategy accordingly. Due to the company's great success, there is little time to pay attention to this, but neither does the organisation feel the need to do so. To get more handles on this and to gain more insight, Isolectra asked Improven to guide a strategic session and give them insight into the organisation's desired flexibility and actual flexibility.

"Isolectra gained concrete leads and insight into the need for readjustment on topics such as leadership, governance, process design, knowledge and culture."

Our approach and results

The organisation's management and board were asked to fill in the Organizational Fitness scan, and a one-day strategic session was supervised based on the results of this scan, among other things. Through the results of the scan, the organisation gained a clear picture of the desired flexibility from the outside world and the flexibility that is actually realised. Based on this insight, Isolectra gained concrete starting points and insight into the need for adjustment on topics such as leadership, management, process design, knowledge and culture. A concrete plan was made to work towards the desired flexibility for these topics.

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