With the Customer Journey you map the entire timeline from orientation to the customer's departure with your product/service, or zoom in on a specific phase in a process. With this, you map out why the customer does what he or she does and how they experience the interaction with the organisation and/or service (touch points). In doing so, you use smileys to visualise the state of mind at each touch point.


In the phases Imaging, Analysing problem and Securing results.


Creating the Customer Journey gives you insight into the process your customers go through with your organisation. From the creation of the customer's need to the final interaction with the ultimate goal of mapping all touch points with the organisation in order to have a visual of how customers come to your organisation and what their motives are for buying your product or service.

Completing a Customer Journey helps build empathy.


  1. Customer profile: select a target group (e.g. using a persona profile or previous research).
  2. Journey Phases: set up the different phases by working out the actions needed to achieve the desired goal from start to finish.
  3. Role: define the desired role in the process.
  4. Emotional status: dwell on the customer's emotional status and consider how someone feels about the activity.
  5. Context: define the environment in which the person operates.
  6. Touch points: sum up a list of touch points in which the person interacts with the service, service or organisation (depending on the chosen challenge).
  7. Data: sum up relevant information that can be used in improving the customer journey.
  8. Opportunity areas: describe what you think can be improved within the customer journey.


  • Establish personas (customer profiles) so that customer journeys of different types of customers can be understood.
  • When completing it, you immediately distinguish between main and side issues, which helps identify new opportunities that ultimately contribute to achieving the client's goals.


Fiigure: Map of an employee journey

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