Nouryon is a global leader in essential chemicals. It is a relatively new company created in October 2018 following the demerger from AkzoNobel. The company has been operating for more than 150 years with 2,500 people at 9 locations in the Netherlands, working on essential chemistry for a sustainable future. Globally, Nouryon operates in over 80 countries. Its portfolio includes leading brands such as Eka, Dissolvine, KNZ and JOZO salt. Companies around the world rely on the products to make everyday necessities such as paper, plastics, building materials, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

 The new add-on functionalities are working and the technical issues have been transferred to the IT support teams.

Our approach

Nouryon's IT organisation manages a portfolio of applications, which are subject to periodic upgrades. These upgrades provide new functionalities or improve the current process.

For the smooth running of all communication between relevant systems, related to the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process, an upgrade of the so-called "integration add-on" was needed. The new functionality enables end users to fix errors more easily, have corrections reflected in other systems and implement improvements for the invoicing process. In cooperation with a solution architect and an integration specialist, we supervised the preparation and process and tested together with the end user whether the new functionalities meet the set requirements. A new version of the add-on is released every quarter. To benefit from the latest integration possibilities in all projects, we chose to use the most recent version, obviously in close consultation with IT and the business. We also approached relevant stakeholders early in the process with information on planning, the issues and the intended result.


After a successful collaboration with end-users from various departments and the Solution Architects, the new add-on was implemented. This generated enthusiastic and grateful responses. After all, the new functionalities were high on the wish list. The new functionalities of the add-on are working and the technical issues have been transferred to the IT support teams. Internally, related integration bottlenecks are being further addressed. Moreover, all end-users have been informed and involved and instructions on how to use it have been distributed. The invoicing process has also been improved. Invoices contain more information and are less likely to get stuck in the automatic workflow. Finally, the foundations have been laid for further integration with other projects and tools. Fantastic to see that the inspired approach from Improven increases end-user satisfaction and achieves results within the agreed time.

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