Data Security (IAM)

Within the triptych around 'data', we previously shared how the reliability of data can be increased. Through this second post, we explain in more detail how critical data can be better protected.

With the Corona crisis, this is proving more urgent than ever. The number of registered cybercrime incidents in the Netherlands is currently shooting through the ceiling. Clever cybercriminals are exploiting the pandemic to take over computers, plunder bank accounts and even shut down companies. This is done with phishing emails, CEO/CFO fraud and Ransomware actions, among others.

One of the pillars for properly securing critical data is Identity & Access Management (aka IAM). Besides the aforementioned explosive growth of cybercrime, the sharp increase in working from home also makes the need to apply professional IAM stronger. The less visibility there is on the work and behaviour of employees, the higher the chances of unknowingly or knowingly making mistakes with fatal consequences. Good Identity & Access Management is mix of tighter policies, better governance, tighter processes and smarter logistics so that only the right people, at the right times, get access to critical systems and information. A tip of the hat?

  1. Start by strengthening regular passwords so that the weakest entrances into your business are sealed;
  2. Strengthen this by implementing Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) to make access harder to take over;
  3. Give special and critical accounts (PAM) extra attention, because these are the very accounts that cybercriminals love;
  4. To eventually arrive at an ultra-flexible end-state, with 'as-less-as-possible' and 'as-short-as-possible' rights and access.

Attention to data protection has become inevitable: this is the first time the number of cybercrime crimes has already exceeded the number of residential burglaries. Meanwhile, 1 in 4 organisations have already suffered a serious cyber attack or costly data loss.

More information?

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